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Sitting on 7.5 acres in the heart of Newport Beach, the Newport Beach Tennis Club started with big goals in mind. With an idea to create the “Forest Hills of the West”, the original pioneers sought to create an idyllic, resort like setting where competition and friendliness were paramount. An important aspect of the original founding philosophy is to treat each member the same, regardless of skill level and ability. This legacy is not forgotten as even to this day, creating a quality environment to help foster friendships is what the NBTC strives towards.

The strength of the Newport Beach Tennis Club is its members. Just as the pioneers saw this important aspect, the Newport Beach Tennis Club today still strives to serve its customers needs through memorable social events, mixers, tournaments, quality food, impeccable customer service and successful junior tennis programs.

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Established in 1966, the Newport Beach Tennis Club has since continued to be one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in the country. Over the years the NBTC has hosted numerous professional events including the Davis Cup. Additionally, tennis legends including the likes of Rod Laver and Roy Emerson have called the Newport Beach Tennis Club home.

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