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The Grip N’ Rip junior program offers three seasonal after-school programs. Our Gripper Developmental Program (GDP) is the ideal program for first timers, beginners, and intermediates looking forward to advancing their skill in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. The Ripper Training Program (RTP) is for match play ready juniors with a minimum SSV score of 65. This program is for those with little to no competitive experience who need additional skill development in order to compete. Our Ripper Tournament Training Program (RTTP) is exclusively for our actively competitive juniors and who have a minimum SSV score of 90. Tournament participation is required.

Please click here to go directly to the Grip N’ Rip Junior Tennis website to get more details on our Junior Tennis program.

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The Grip N' Rip junior program is the most successful and popular program in all of Orange County. This is attributed to our professional staff whose primary objective is to impact the lives of all students in a positive manner.

Our objective is simple: To inspire each junior to love and learn the game of tennis!

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